Art by Sylwia Original Contemporary Paintings and Art


multiballHi… I am Sylwia Krzyszton and this is my site where I place the results of my creative passion – painting. I am a hobby artist who paints in my private home studio in the historic village of Manotick, Ontario, just South of Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Inspiration can strike me at any time and my interests are often the catalyst for my paintings.

I spent my early childhood in Poland, my native country, and though I have also lived in Austria, France, and Portugal, I now call Canada my home. My style is ‘informed’ by my exposure to these many varied cultures and surroundings and perhaps could best be described as “contemporary abstract fusion”, I guess. It combines elements of my eclectic interests and various passions, and is fused with my own unique sense of style and ever-changing perception of the world around me.

Though in love with Art, my painting remains only for me as a personal release for my creativity. Because many of my friends and family had requested to see my painting, I had this website created so that they, and anyone else who wishes, could view the results of my inspirations without having to come to my studio.

So, peruse and enjoy my painting but please, do not contact me to create a painting for you as I paint only for my own pleasure and creative release.

Love and Art,